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Installing Solar Panels


The MecoyEV team work to provide innovative power solutions to the problems facing electric vehicle charging operators. With ever increasing costs and restrictions on high capacity power systems for new electric vehicle charger stations MecoyEV work to utilise existing infrastructure with microgeneration and battery back up systems to remove the burden on the grid and provide a genuine route to green recharging. 

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Vehicle Chargers 

Design - Install - Maintain - Repair

Working with all major manufactures Mecoy EV install, manage and repair electric vehicle chargers across Essex and the South East. 

From site survey to DNO applications and groundworks, our team are able to offer a full service package to anyone considering entry or extension within electric vehicle charging. 

Once a design is created, we are here to make it a reality, we install all major brands of EV charger and can incorporate them into our bespoke back end software. Allowing us to monitor and action usage any changes in price and service levels. 

Should there be a fault we are on hand 24hrs a day with a dedicated service team to resolve any issue and get your chargers back into action. 

Solar Microgeneration 

Residential and Commercial Systems

Regardless of a grid tied, or off grid system, the team at MecoyEV are able to help you design a bespoke PV microgeneration system. Using only quality tested components we are able to design a full system utilising as much solar energy as possibile and work with you to find the best use for your generated energy. We can offer grid tie systems allowing you to sell your excess power back to the grid or a battery back up off grid system removing your need to purchase electricity entirely (weather permitting!). 

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Battery Backup Systems

Home or Commercial Storage 

As our demand for energy grows so does our need for energy storage. With spiralling energy costs a means to store energy for on demand use has never been greater. Working with state of the art battery technology Mecoy EV design battery storage systems at a scalable level. From installation of home power walls to container sized commercial batteries, we can ensure you are able to store the energy you need and have it to hand at will. Rather than provide an off the shelf system, our engineers work with your energy profile to design a bespoke setup, tailored to your consumption/generation profile minimising costs and extending service life.

Hybrid Vehicle Charging

No infrastructure upgrade needed

As more and more charging stations are being refused due to a lack of available grid infrastructure MecoyEV have developed a ground breaking system of battery backup duplex generation vehicle chargers. 

These next generation systems provide high capacity DC vehicle charging at any location without the need for large scale power infrastructure. 

Our engineers survey what power is available, what could be generated via PV cells and potential other sources, using this we can create a one off vehicle charging station suited to your capacity. This can then be managed by our EV team to ensure smooth operation and maximum charging availability. 

Vehicle Charging Stations
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